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Intro Game

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Intro Game

Post  Sal on Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:42 am

OK so...

Here's the question. I have my 101st all based and ready to prime/paint, and I am wondering - should I get in a quick game with them before I start painting? Once I start painting them I am not going to use them until they are finished - I hate touching the minis when they are in the middle of being painted and before they've been sealed. However maybe it's a good idea to try a game before I even start? I hate painting with bare lead too but if I don't try a game now I think you guys are all going to be experts before I ever try the game.

Anyone up for a quick game, like 600 pts or something? Or we don't even have to play to a points value, we could just take one CinC platoon and once Combat Platoon each?

Let me know, otherwise I plan to start painting this coming weekend... I think I could do a Saturday night thing if anyone is up for it.

Just so you know - whoever I end up playing is basically going to be teaching me the game as we go - I haven't even read the rule book yet!

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Re: Intro Game

Post  Panzer Bill on Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:29 am

Sal below is the email I sent you, I figured Id attach it here too. Just to get an idea since you havent read up on much. For EXCELLENT FOW intel, go to the FOW forums and read up on "tactics" there you will understand what you will need to buy and build....wish I had gone there before I bought all this crap...


US Paras are 100% air deployable, BUT dont fool yourself, YOU NEED WEAPONS teams and support. The key to this game is this....1. pin the enemy with mortars, HMGs or any type of arty, 2. assault with infantry to kill them.
If you assault an infantry squad WITH OUT pinning, you will DIE an UGLY death before you even get a chance to throw a fist. See, if you pin the enemy, they can only ROF 1 on your (or 2 if LMG or HMG) when you charge. BUT if you dont pin them, they will open up with everything and most likely mess you up real bad and the assault will never take place....then they will assault you if you are still there and being you got wrecked, you will most likely be wasted!

So think of it like this....

Plt #1 = assault force.
Plt #2 = back up/reserve force to assault force

HQ to be put into assault force to get reroll (especially in US Paras, no need to keep them back and hidden).

Support LMGs you can distribute as combat attachments to each platoon (Paras get 8 LMGs) so 4 to each platoon. that is 20 MG dice a platoon!

Being the US paras can either take US Glider troops with some arty and more infantry OR hook up with the Irish, its a totally legit list to have the Irish back up your US paras with arty, tanks, recon tanks or air support....they did it in WW2 for real, so why not a game. Im taking Irish Shermans as my back up and maybe even Irish arty.


Im a huge believer in basing first. The gains in time and not having to be careful of finished painted models while painting basing is HUGE. I rather have a tuff crotch to paint then miss and get paint on a nicely painted dude! Plus, Sal, if you really care about getting into an area where the sun dont shine, well, you got issue! ;-) (joke).

Good hearing from you again.
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